Pizza Fans

At Laventina’s in Newport Beach, CA, we love pizza. And we’re not alone. A scientifically accurate exit poll recently determined that over 104% of the population love pizza. When those same people were looking for the best pizza in orange county, the same poll determined that every single one of them chose Laventina’s as their favorite. Our pollster, Mr. Laventina’s daughter, is a highly respected 4th grader who is looking to improve her math scores next year.

California Pizza is different than Chicago Pizza, which is in turn different from New York Pizza, or even Sicilian Pizza. For us, pizza comes down to a few different things: crust thickness & flavor, pizza sauce thickness & flavor, cheese quality, and toppings quality. You may love NYC pizza, or you may love Chicago Pizza, but what’s universally understood is the magic that happens when good quality pizza toppings get married with delicious crust and melty, gooey cheese.

Pizza making is an art that we take seriously here at Laventina’s. We make sure that our fresh ingredients that we use to make our pizza is the best that we can find. Price is another consideration in pizza—not in the taste, but how much you can afford to buy. Have you ever been to a place where they serve up a tiny margherita pizza for $16? Neither have we. But we’ve heard of them! At Laventina’s you’ll find great big ol’ pizza’s for a fair price. Cheap pizza in Newport Beach doesn’t mean cheap tasting—if you’re at Laventina’s Pizzeria of course.

We can’t speak for anyone else.