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Pizza At Home Recipes

Congratulations! You’ve gone ahead and made the decision to make pizza at home. Here at Laventina’s we applaud that decision. And in Orange County, you’ve got all kinds of different options. We tend to think that getting delivery from Lavetina’s is your best option, but we’re biased. If you’re interested, Laventina’s delivers to all of […]

Pizza Fans

At Laventina’s in Newport Beach, CA, we love pizza. And we’re not alone. A scientifically accurate exit poll recently determined that over 104% of the population love pizza. When those same people were looking for the best pizza in orange county, the same poll determined that every single one of them chose Laventina’s as their favorite. Our […]

Leftover Pizza

First things first, let’s start with a definition. If you’ve only ever had Laventina’s pizza you may be wondering “what’s leftover pizza”? We get it. So, here’s the Laventina’s definition of leftover pizza…