We’re (nearly) Famous

For over 25 years, we’ve been serving some of the best pizza Newport Beach and Orange County has to offer. We’d like to think we’re make the best pizza, but that would sound vain. We do belive in our quality. But don’t take our word for it. See what these people have to say.

Laventina's Pizza Review by OC Weekly

“Never been? Go. The late-night crowds, the daytime beauties, the eternal tossing of dough—my friends who’ve lived nearby over the years swear by the experience, say it’s as essential to the Peninsula identity…”

“About half a mile from the beach is Laventina’s Big Cheese Pizza. If you’re willing to walk it, you could reasonably walk from one destination to the other in ten minutes. That should be enough reason to give this place a visit. But there’s another draw: they have gluten free pizza and a non-dairy cheese option. For those who have given up gluten, dairy, or both, this place will meet your pizza needs.”

In the Top 10 Pizza Places on Tirp Advisor

Some reviewers said,

“Ordered a canadian bacon, anchovy, green pepper and mushroom pizza. The result was one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted. Ingredients where fresh and generously applied.”

“Pies here are hand‑tossed, then spend seven minutes in a conveyor oven. But what comes out is deliciously hot, gooey, and oozy, the epitome of guilty pleasure pizza. Around midnight on weekends, all roads from local bars lead to this takeout joint with endless stacks of pizza boxes and carved wooden tikis hung high on one wall. Choose your toppings; our fifty‑fifty chorizo-anchovy was 100 percent satisfying—and hangover free.”