Pizza At Home Recipes

Congratulations! You’ve gone ahead and made the decision to make pizza at home. Here at Laventina’s we applaud that decision. And in Orange County, you’ve got all kinds of different options. We tend to think that getting delivery from Lavetina’s is your best option, but we’re biased. If you’re interested, Laventina’s delivers to all of Balboa Peninsula. Delivery not your thing? Call us for a quick pizza pick-up. 949-675-1980

But hey, you’re a rebel. The amazing taste of Laventina’s, the 5 star Yelp reviews, and numerous articles across different media sites like OC Weekly, Orange Coast Magazine, Trip Advisor, and the OC Register haven’t dissuaded you from your endeavor, so congratulations to you! We’ve got your back.

Boboli that pie.

This one (ok, ok… all of them) requires some prep work. Get your self to the store, and grab a Boboli pizza shell. While you’re at it, make sure to grab some pizza sauce, some cheese, some pepperoni, sausage, and whatever else your little heart desires. Sure, you’ll likely spend 2-3 times as much as you would with pizza from Laventina’s, but you’re a rebel! Enjoy it.

Grab a frozen pie.

Yup. Prep work again. You’ll have to get to the store. Or pay a delivery service to go for you. You’ll only spend about $6 for a terrible frozen pizza, or about $12 for a pretty ok tasting one. But hey, since you’re already out… you’ve got the option of coming down to Laventina’s and picking up a delicious and hot pizza for less than $8. But if you’ve got your heart set on mediocre pizza, don’t blame us if we look at you like an oddity.

Make your own dough, sauce, and cook that pizza from scratch.

This is the way we do it here at Laventina’s. And while we have no intention of giving away our secrets, here’s a little help. You’ll need some dough. Here are some pizza dough recipes. In a nutshell, you’ll need some flour, yeast, salt, water, and maybe some sugar and olive oil.

Pizza sauce? We’ll never tell you our recipe, but here are some pizza sauce recipes you can try. You’ll need some tomato sauce, maybe some tomato paste, sugar, olive oil, garlic, and salt. You’ll need to have some spices on hand as well—maybe some oregano, basil, and others.

You’ll need some mozzarella cheese as well. Shred it yourself, or buy it pre-shred. You’ll also need some toppings. Bellpeppers, onions, pepperoni, sausage, and olives are a few of our favorites. But here’s the thing. After you’ve made your dough, let your dough rise, formed it into a pizza shape, topped it, and put it on your pizza stone (you have one of those, right?), you’re already at an inherent disadvantage. See, real pizza oven temperatures can get up to 800º Fahrenheit. Besides practice, repetition, and know-how, that’s how we’re able to get pizza’s made, cooked, and delivered so quickly.

Send us some of your homemade pizza pictures, will you? In return, we’ll send you some of our Yelp ones. And we’ll see you soon.

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