Pizza At Home Recipes

Congratulations! You’ve gone ahead and made the decision to make pizza at home. Here at Laventina’s we applaud that decision. And in Orange County, you’ve got all kinds of different options. We tend to think that getting delivery from Lavetina’s is your best option, but we’re biased. If you’re interested, Laventina’s delivers to all of Balboa Peninsula. Delivery not your thing? Call us for a quick pizza pick-up. 949-675-1980

But hey, you’re a rebel. The amazing taste of Laventina’s, the 5 star Yelp reviews, and numerous articles across different media sites like OC Weekly, Orange Coast Magazine, Trip Advisor, and the OC Register haven’t dissuaded you from your endeavor, so congratulations to you! We’ve got your back.

Boboli that pie.

This one (ok, ok… all of them) requires some prep work. Get your self to the store, and grab a Boboli pizza shell. While you’re at it, make sure to grab some pizza sauce, some cheese, some pepperoni, sausage, and whatever else your little heart desires. Sure, you’ll likely spend 2-3 times as much as you would with pizza from Laventina’s, but you’re a rebel! Enjoy it.

Grab a frozen pie.

Yup. Prep work again. You’ll have to get to the store. Or pay a delivery service to go for you. You’ll only spend about $6 for a terrible frozen pizza, or about $12 for a pretty ok tasting one. But hey, since you’re already out… you’ve got the option of coming down to Laventina’s and picking up a delicious and hot pizza for less than $8. But if you’ve got your heart set on mediocre pizza, don’t blame us if we look at you like an oddity.

Make your own dough, sauce, and cook that pizza from scratch.

This is the way we do it here at Laventina’s. And while we have no intention of giving away our secrets, here’s a little help. You’ll need some dough. Here are some pizza dough recipes. In a nutshell, you’ll need some flour, yeast, salt, water, and maybe some sugar and olive oil.

Pizza sauce? We’ll never tell you our recipe, but here are some pizza sauce recipes you can try. You’ll need some tomato sauce, maybe some tomato paste, sugar, olive oil, garlic, and salt. You’ll need to have some spices on hand as well—maybe some oregano, basil, and others.

You’ll need some mozzarella cheese as well. Shred it yourself, or buy it pre-shred. You’ll also need some toppings. Bellpeppers, onions, pepperoni, sausage, and olives are a few of our favorites. But here’s the thing. After you’ve made your dough, let your dough rise, formed it into a pizza shape, topped it, and put it on your pizza stone (you have one of those, right?), you’re already at an inherent disadvantage. See, real pizza oven temperatures can get up to 800º Fahrenheit. Besides practice, repetition, and know-how, that’s how we’re able to get pizza’s made, cooked, and delivered so quickly.

Send us some of your homemade pizza pictures, will you? In return, we’ll send you some of our Yelp ones. And we’ll see you soon.

Pizza Fans

At Laventina’s in Newport Beach, CA, we love pizza. And we’re not alone. A scientifically accurate exit poll recently determined that over 104% of the population love pizza. When those same people were looking for the best pizza in orange county, the same poll determined that every single one of them chose Laventina’s as their favorite. Our pollster, Mr. Laventina’s daughter, is a highly respected 4th grader who is looking to improve her math scores next year.

California Pizza is different than Chicago Pizza, which is in turn different from New York Pizza, or even Sicilian Pizza. For us, pizza comes down to a few different things: crust thickness & flavor, pizza sauce thickness & flavor, cheese quality, and toppings quality. You may love NYC pizza, or you may love Chicago Pizza, but what’s universally understood is the magic that happens when good quality pizza toppings get married with delicious crust and melty, gooey cheese.

Pizza making is an art that we take seriously here at Laventina’s. We make sure that our fresh ingredients that we use to make our pizza is the best that we can find. Price is another consideration in pizza—not in the taste, but how much you can afford to buy. Have you ever been to a place where they serve up a tiny margherita pizza for $16? Neither have we. But we’ve heard of them! At Laventina’s you’ll find great big ol’ pizza’s for a fair price. Cheap pizza in Newport Beach doesn’t mean cheap tasting—if you’re at Laventina’s Pizzeria of course.

We can’t speak for anyone else.

Pepperoni Pizza in Newport Beach

Leftover Pizza

First things first, let’s start with a definition. If you’ve only ever had Laventina’s pizza you may be wondering “what’s leftover pizza”? We get it. So, here’s the Laventina’s definition of leftover pizza:

Leftover Pizza [left-oh-ver]  [peet-suh]
Pizza that you put in your refrigerator because you have more of it than you were able to eat.

Plenty of places in Orange County provide leftover pizza! (We’re just not one of them). If you’re ever on the boardwalk, Pizza Nova has awesome leftover pizza. Pizzeria Mozza? Amazing leftover pizza.

Out of the 10 best pizza places in Newport Beach, CA, only Laventina’s Pizza doesn’t have leftover pizza. As the locals say, Laventinas is the best pizza spot in Newport Beach. With no further ado, here are the 5 best reasons to eat Laventina’s and cross having the best pizza in OC off your bucket list.
Yes, it’s fresh and piping hot. You know when you go to the mall, and they resuscitate the deceased pizza on the counter? Yeah, we don’t do that.

Don’t do mall pizza to yourself. Just… don’t.

Yes, we deliver. Sure, sure. Uber Eats will get you anything. But we deliver a complimentary smile, and we won’t eat any of your pizza.

If your pizza is already sad when you get it, chances are it won’t make you happy

Yes, the prices are so cheap that you’ll think it’s a typo. You can order Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s or any of the giant chain restaurants to get good specials too. But your stomach will be mad at you.

Why so mad, stomach? Ooooooohhh. Chain pizza.

Yes, we’ve won numerous awards for having the best pizza in OC (not bragging!). Ok, so we’re bragging a little. OC’s famous for having really good pizza. Probably because of all the different transplants. You can get authentic NY pizza or Chicago pizza here. But we keep winning awards. Take that, Gino’s East.

We don’t like to brag. But we’re kind of a big deal

No leftovers. Sadly, you’re not going to get any leftover pizza here. We apologize in advance. Our pizza’s are huge, they’re cheap, and they’re delicious. But we just don’t provide leftovers. May we suggest another pizza place on Balboa Peninsula for you?